2022 TMSAA Area 12 AAA Tournament

Thursday, Jan. 20th - 3/6 and 4/5 quarterfinal games at higher Seed

At Hunter Middle School

Saturday, Jan. 22nd - Semifinals 1 vs winner 4/5 and 2 vs winner of 3/6
Monday, Jan. 24th - Championship and Consolation Games, Awards to follow 


2022 Girls Bracket 1


2022 Boys Bracket 1



Seeding for the AAA Area Tournament is based on Double Round Robin games only. 

Tie Breaker Rules

#1: Head to head

#2: Rank the rest of the teams.  How did the tied teams fair against the highest seeded team?  Start against the top-seeded team,

 if only one of them lost to that team they are out.  Go to the next team on the list and do the same thing.

 Each time one team is eliminated always go back to head-to-head to see if any resolution can be obtained from that.

Example:  4 teams tied with the same record and all beat up on each other.  2 of the teams lost to the 5th place team.

Those 2 teams would use their head to head to decide 3rd and 4th and the 2 teams left would use head to head for the 1st and 2nd place.

Example 2: If only 1 team lost to #5 then they would be 4th and start the process over until you have the seeds.

#3: If it comes down to 3 teams with identical records and the first two tiebreakers don’t work, then there will be a coin toss.